stephanie sidley   co-founder


Stephanie was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. At a young age she became a vegetarian after watching a documentary on slaughter houses. At 14 years old she traveled to Puetro Rico to educate herself on how to help with the over population of stray dogs through the organization, Island Dog Rescue. While living and studying in the Los Angeles area, Stephanie wrote a children's book on the importance of animal adoption. All proceeds of the book sales go to the ASPCA. While traveling throughout the States and Europe, Stephanie picked up tips on how to stay healthy on a plant based diet. She is heavily involved with fundraising for Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, Or. Stephanie currently resides in the city of Portland with her 6 shelter pets.

Welcome to sophisticated vegan


 Sophisticated Vegan launched with the idea to make being vegan fun, fashionable and effortless. We are hoping to do our part to spread the message of compassion, eco-friendly living, cruelty free fashion by providing tools, recipes, entertaining videos, product reviews, shopping tips & more. 


nancy sidley   co-founder


Nancy was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from high school she moved to the Los Angeles area to study. Having been a vegetarian since grade 5, Nancy was always a champion for animals. After traveling around the world she adopted a plant based diet at a very young age. As a teenager Nancy visited Puerto Rico's Island Dog Rescue and learned the importance of  animal adoption due to the over population of dogs and cats. In 2007 while living in New Orleans, she educated herself on the displacement of animals during a hurricane evacuation. Nancy even adopted a little mutt named Frankie, that she later gave as a gift to her parents. After moving back to her home in Portland, Nancy got involved with, Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, Oregon and her life was never the same. While working with the caretakers and residents, Nancy learned the ugly truths about factory farming, animal testing and the wool industry. From that moment on she has been a dedicated vegan and animal activist.